Western Harbour

Construction Begins


Edinburgh Waterfront  -  Construction begins at Granton Western Harbour

 Copyright:                                                                                   Photo taken 20 September 2005  1.19pm


Granton Western Harbour

Construction commences


Construction of new apartments began at the entrance to Middle Pier, Granton Harbour in 2004, and a little to the north, on the eastern edge of Granton Western Harbour, close to the Royal Forth Yacht Club Headquarters on Middle Pier in 2005. 

The latter can be seen in the photograph above, taken in September 2005, by which time the first of the show apartments in this development was ready for viewing.

The shell of the building on the left above can be seen in earlier years:


   Edinburgh Waterfront  -  Western Harbour  -  19 July 2002


   Granton Western Harbour  -  Looking north-east towards Granton Milldle Pier from near Oxcraig Street  -   30 June 2004