Adults in the back green of No.6

Heriot Mount

Adults at the Party  -  What was the occasion?

Party in Holyrood Park  -  beside the entrance to Heriot Mount

   Wullie Croal.  Thank you, also, to Tam Croal (Wullie's son) for providing this photo


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    Party in Holyrood Park  -  beside the entrance to Heriot Mount


Holyrood Park beside the steps to Heriot Mount

Wullie Croal's Photos

Thank you to Tam Croal for allowing me to reproduce this photo.  This is one of many photos taken by Tam's father Wullie Croal in the Dumbiedykes area.

Acknowledgement:  Tam Croal, Edinburgh, February 26, 2009

Heriot Mount  -  Back Green

Thank you to Joyce Ritchie, daughter of Wullie Croal, for telling me:

"This photo was taken in the backgreen of No.6 Heriot Mount.  Us kids used to hold backgreen concerts while our mums held jumble sales in the corner.

Our audience used to sit on the steps leading up to the first level of the backgreen.

I spent the first 11 years of my life in Heriot Mount (1945-1956) and have so many lovely memories of it."

Joyce Ritchie, London, England:  March 6, 2009

View from the Back Window

Here is a photo taken from the back window of No.6 Heriot Mount:

View from the back window of No 6 Heriot Mount  -  around 1950  -  Photograph by Wullie Croal


Children at Party

Here is another photo that seems likely to have been taken on the same occasion.

Party in Holyrood Park beside the entrance to Heriot Mount




Paul Taylor


Thank you to Paul Taylor for adding a comment to the EdinPhoto guest book.

Paul wrote:

Ladies at Heriot Mount

       Party in Holyrood Park  -  beside the entrance to Heriot Mount

"I suspect that one of the Ladies in this photograph is my grandmother, Julia Russell Taylor.  She lived at Heriot Mount with my grandfather, Alfred, and their four children (inc Alex my father) and also a lodger.

My grandmother was originally a Lennox.  I believe that her brother, James Lennox, also lived in Heriot Mount.  That would have been from the 1930s to the 1950s."

Paul Taylor, Edinburgh:  message posted in EdinPhoto guestbook, May 31, 2012



Photos of Holyrood Park by Wullie Croal