Prefab Housing



Around 1950

Prefab Housing at Gilmerton

Jimmy White's Grandmother, Mother and Sister, June

Presentation of Prizes, 1954  -   Gilmerton Homing Club  -  Jimmy White, his father and other pigeon fanciers

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jimmy White, Loanhead, Midlothian



Thank you to Jimmy White formerly of Gilmerton, now living in Loanhead, Midlothian for providing this photograph.

Jimmy wrote:

Prefab Housing

"This photo is my grandmother, mother and youngest sister, June.

  These are the prefabs houses that occupied the area in Gilmerton, now Hyvots, where the flats are now.  (Some have been knocked down due to subsidence, no wonder as they were built on a filled-in quarry.)

New Street

"Through the gap in the prefabs, you can just see the two chimneys and the tops of the houses in New Street (now Newtoft Street) opposite Wullie Blair's chip shop.  Ravenscroft school, annexe of the old Gilmerton Primary School, was next door to these houses."

Burdiehouse Burn

"The photo was taken around 1950, about the time that they built the houses at Gilmerton Dykes and the bridge over Burdiehouse Burn.  Before, then, the only bridge over the burn was the one at the Lasswade Road.  From these prefabs down to the burn was just quarry and long grass."


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