Bannerman's Bar

Cowgate  -  beneath South Bridge

September 2007

Bannerman's Bar, Cowgate  -  September 2007

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                      Photograph taken: September 13, 2007


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    Bannerman's Bar, Cowgate  -  September 2007


Bannerman's Bar

Bannerman's Bar is named after Julian Charles Bannerman who bought the premises in 1979.

It is situated on the corner of Niddry Street and Cowgate, beneath South Bridge.  It is a popular venue for live music.  It has a maze of tunnels and alcoves, and was once a vintner's cellar.

This photograph was taken in the late afternoon.  A few hours later, the bar and street would have been busy.

It would be interesting to discover how long the 'Flat for Sale' advert has been in the first floor window.



Flat above Bannerman's Bar

Thank you to Patrick Hutton who wrote:

Bannerman's Bar, Cowgate  -  September 2007

"This picture above reminds me that I tried to buy the flat two floors up from Bannerman's Bar, more than 20 years ago. It was a beautiful place, with raised bed platform and 4-poster in the master bedroom. My friend, who had been brought up in Karachi, said that the stair reminded her of a slum out there!

I couldn't buy it because the surveyors said that there had been serious settlement not so many years before in Bannerman's (specifically, in the vaults under South Bridge, as I recall), and I couldn't get a mortgage. The then owner (student, English) said that Daddy had paid cash."

Patrick Hutton, New Town, Edinburgh:  September 25, 2007