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Jerome portrait from John Saunders  -  His wife's great aunt Catherine and husband, Donald

Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Saunders, Chichester, Sussex, England


Jerome Portrait

Thank you to John Saunders for allowing me to reproduce this Jerome portrait of his wife's great aunt Catherine and her husband, Donald.

John writes:

"This photo is on what appears to be hardboard.  The thick edge on the photo is because the board is about 3mm thick and the edge is bevelled, the bottom edge has been badly cut to fit the frame.

Catherine was born in 1880 and her first husband died in the first war.  This could be a wedding photo.  They lived in Wick and were quite involved with charity work.

Donald was a JP and I think he died in 1944, Catherine died in 1961.

Sadly we have no living family in Caithness now.   Catherine was the last.

I am looking forward to when the Wick Heritage Museum are able to put the Johnstone Collection on line.  They  have about 50,000 glass plates to catalogue and scan.

John Saunders, Chichester, West Sussex:  October 27, 2007.




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