Advert on a paper bag

Buttercup Dairy Co

The front of the Paper Bag

Buttercup Dairy Co  -  Advert on a paper bag

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Nicholas Oddy, Southside, Edinburgh            Oct 18, 2011

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Buttercup Dairy Co  -  Advert on a paper bag


Picture on the Advert


Thank you to Nicholas Oddy, Southside, Edinburgh for allowing me to reproduce the photograph above.  Please click here to see the back of this paper bag.

Buttercup Dairy Co  -  Advert on a paper bag

  Nicholas added:

"The style of the printing on these bags suggests that they probably date from the early-1930s.  Of course, they might have been used well beyond their stylistic sell-buy date."

Nicholas Oddy:  Southside, Edinburgh:  October 27, 2011

This  Corstorphine and Clermiston page includes several recollections of the Buttercup Dairy shops ...

A replica of a Buttercup Dairy Co shop, at the People's Palace Museum in Glasgow

... and of the Buttercup Poultry Farm at Clermiston:

Poster showing the layout of Buttercup Poultry Farm at Clermiston, Edinburgh, around 1928


Corstorphine Recollections
including Buttercup Dairy

Tom Curr  -  Artist


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