The Forth Rail Bridge


The Forth Rail Bridge  1  -  Calm Evening

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                              Photo taken July 26, 1994

The Forth Rail Bridge  -  1

Thank You!

Thank you to Matt Rooney, New Cumnock. Ayrshire, Scotland:

-   for sending the poem below. 

-  for providing some fascinating recollections of industries in Beaverbank, Edinburgh.

Matt, who writes poems and verse, sent me this poem after seeing the picture above:

The Forth Rail Bridge

There's a contrast in the structure as each spar is led astray,

The sunset lingers for a moment as the sun sinks into the spray.

A fleeting glance is cast when a movement is seen below,

A train passes by with a clatter despite the Forth's ebb and flow.

We have known the strength of the bridge when passing across its rails,

And it's beauty fascinates those of us who have made a contribution with a few penny hails.

The sun sets into being the moment we might gasp and sigh whilst there.

Each rivet is then enclosed by the darkness and each second gives us a share.

Matt Rooney, New Cumnock. Ayrshire, Scotland,  August 2005



The Forth Rail Bridge  -  1

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