Claude Low

Cabinet Print




Cabinet Print  -  Family in a 'studio boa't with a backdrop of the Forth Bridge
Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jeremy Hutson





Jeremy Hutson

Durham, England

Thank you to Jeremy Hutson for letting me see his cabinet print above.

Jeremy wrote:

Cabinet Print

Family Album

"I've recently been scanning a large family album of 150+ cartes de visite from the 1860s to 1890, with a few cabinet prints.  They're mostly from Glasgow and Edinburgh and points between and beyond.

The album was put together by my great-grandmother, but hardly any of the photos  have names written on them, so I've been working to try to identify a few of the people from the context, date and location.  The EdinPhoto site has been a great help in dating some of these photos."

 The Forth Bridge

"Not many of the photos have special features, but I saw on your site mention of a Claude Low photo showing a painted studio boat with the Forth Bridge in the background.

My album also has a cabinet print like that.  (See top of this page.)  It has a featureless dark green back.

The Forth Bridge was completed in 1890, so I'm guessing the photo comes from shortly after that. I can only guess who the family might be."

Jeremy Hutson, Durham, England:  23 January 2017

Date of the Photo

Jeremy's conclusions above seem reasonable to me.  Claude Low appears to have had a photographic studios:

-   in Edinburgh from around 1896 to 1910

-   in Aberdour from around 1903 until 1914.

Cabinet prints were phased out very early in the 20th century in favour of other formats of print, so it seems likely that the print in Jeremy's album may well date from around 1903-05.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  25 January 2017