View on the Dalmeny Estate

Dalmeny House


Dalmeny House on the Dalmeny Estate  -  November 2005

Peter Stubbs                                                                                  Photograph taken 5 November 2005


Dalmeny House

The Dalmeny Estate lies on the south shore of the Firth of Forth, between South Queensferry and Cramond.  It is owned by the Rosebery Family

The 4th Earl of Rosebery built Dalmeny House on the estate in 1815. The Rosebery Family still live in Dalmeny House.  The house has been used for filming and for corporate events.  Recent outdoor activities at the house include highland games, golf, equestrian events, orienteering, archery, croquet and clay-pigeon shooting.

In 2005, Dalmeny House was open from 2pm to 5:30pm on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday afternoons in July and August.


Dalmeny Shore Walk


Zoom-in to Dalmeny Estate on a map of Edinburgh Boundaries before and after 1920

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Dalmeny House on the Dalmeny Estate  -  November 2005


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