Corstorphine Hill Tower

August 2007

Looking up to the tower on Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh

The Tower, Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh - Photographed August 2007                                    Photograph taken August 26, 2007


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    The Tower, Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh - Photographed August 2007


Corstorphine Tower

The Tower

Corstorphine Hill Tower was built in 1871 to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Sir Walter Scott.  The tower is also known as Clermiston Tower or Scott's Tower.  It is now in the care of the City of Edinburgh council.

'Friends of Corstorphine Hill' arranged for the tower to be opened to the public, fortnightly on Sunday afternoons, during 2007.

Views to the West

When I visited it on August 26 2007, despite a brief shower (- see the evidence of a rain drop on the lens when I took the photo above) the view was clear, extending up the Firth of Forth to the west  and NW for over 50 miles.

The mountains of Ben Ledi and Ben Lomond (55 miles away) could be seen;  also the Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle.


Views to the East

I took a  photos looking to the east towards Edinburgh and the coast of East Lothian.  Please click on the thumbnail image below to see one of these photos.

View from Corstorphine Hill Tower, looking towards Central Edinburgh


Another View of the Tower

Here is another view of the tower, this one taken in October 2010

Tower on Corstorphine Hill




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