Calton Hill

and the


to the East of Waverley Station


  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Gordon, Easdale, Oban, Argyle & Bute, Scotland


Calton Hill and the Railway

Stereo View by an Unidentified Photographer

There is no photographer's name or seller's name on this stereo card.  However, it looks like the sort of view that might have been taken by George Washington Wilson.

Thank you to John Gordon for providing a copy of this image.  John apologised for the condition of the photo.   The photo was badly faded, but with a little help from the Photoshop program, it has been possible to make it a little brighter and clearer, though parts of Calton Jail and the monuments on Calton Hill in the background seem to be disappearing a little into the mist.



Enlargement of one half of the stereo shows that a lot of detail can still be seen in part of the image.  Look at the individual garments hanging on the washing line below the obelisk in the graveyard on the left-hand side of the photo.

Enlarge this view

     A stereo view by an unidentified photographer  - Holyrood Palace and Chapel  -  A view on translucent tissue with small holes to allow the light through 


Date of the Picture?

This photo gives me the impression that it might have been taken fairly early, perhaps in the 1860s.  Are there any railway enthusiasts out there who can help me to date the picture.


Stereo Views

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