Sidney Charles Salmon

Sidney Charles Salmon

Sidney Charles Salmon  -  Professional photographer
© Reproduced with the permission of Lionel Barthold, USA



Sidney Charles Salmon

Corstorphine, Edinburgh

Sidney Charles Salmon was the youngest of five children, all born at Ashford in Kent.    He worked at the Woolwich Arsenal as a young man.  Around 1887, he moved from Glasgow to Edinburgh where he founded St Margaret's Church (Church of England).

He was an EPS member during the 1887-88 session, and was a professional photographer at Corstorphine, now part of the western suburbs of Edinburgh,1887-1918.

Local history photographs taken by SC Salmon form an important part of the historical records held by the Corstorphine Trust.  These include the photograph, below, of his own studio.

S C Salmon's Studio

Manse Road  Corstorphine

Sidney C Salmon's studio  -  Corstorphine

©  Reproduced with the permission of The Corstorphine Trust, Edinburgh

SC Salmon is believed to have had a previous business, which he left due to a disagreement with his partner.      [Des:LOB]


Sidney Charles Salmon

Edinburgh Photographic Society

Paper read to EPS  -  1888

Sidney C Salmon read a paper entitled 'The Photographic Harvest of 1888' to Edinburgh Photographic Society on 5 December 1888.  He reviewed recent literature and spoke of the Art side of photography:

"Years ago the Artist-Painter looked with undisguised contempt upon the claims of the Photographer to be considered as an Artist but the Art side of Photography has made rapid strides during the past few years. .....

It is a gratifying sign of the advance which photography is making in art circles, to note that painters and sculptors are displaying a much keener interest in photography than formerly. ....." 


Sidney Charles Salmon

The Salmon Family


Sidney Charles Salmon had eight children, the youngest of which, Sidney Charles Jr. died in childbirth.

Descendants of  Sidney Charles Salmon sen., are now living in  Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Jersey, and Scotland.

The information above has been provided by Lionel O Barthold, USA, grandson of Sydney C Salmon.
Since 1998, Lionel has been writing a book on Sidney Charles Salmon



Thank you to Clare Nancekivell (née Matravers), for telling me that she is now one of five great-grandchildren of Sydney C Salmon who now live in New Zealand.

Clare Nancekivell (née Matravers), New Zealand:  January 5, 2009

Immediate Family

-  Sydney C Salmon opened his photographic business at Corstorphine, Edinburgh.

-  The business continued until the year of his death.

-  He died, aged 66 on 6 May 1918 in Corstorphine, Edinburgh.

-  He was widower of Frances Caroline Elizabeth Barry Forbes

-  Father:  John Salmon - Architect

-  Mother:  Elizabeth Salmon  (née Homewood)

     [Death Certificate]


Sidney Charles Salmon

Photograph by Sydney Salmon

Here is a photograph of a local Corstorphine family, taken by Sydney Salmon:

  Photograph of the Thomson Family by Sydney Salmon, Corstorphine ©

Edinburgh Professional Photographers