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George R Lawson

George B Lawson   [in one directory]

George R Lawson had a photographic business in Edinburgh, 1867- 1910.

_ Clerk Street


87 South Clerk Street


12 South Clerk Street


102 South Bridge


102 South Bridge Street


102 South Bridge


The address, 12 South Clerk Street, may well be a renumbering of the address 87 South Clerk Street in the table above.

Lawson's business address at 102 South Bridge was named: Lawson's National Photographic Gallery

Was the professional photographer, George R Watson (above)  the same man as George Lawson, seedman, who joined PSS in 1856?


1881 Census

George R Lawson was listed in the 1881 census as:

1881 Census

Photographer:  aged 35

Born:  Old Machar, Aberdeenshire

Resident:  102 South Bridge, Edinburgh

Wife:  Allison CL


1.  Mary F:  aged 2                  (born:  Edinburgh)

2.  Janet:    aged 8 months      (born:  Edinburgh)