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James Brown Knott

1825 - ?

James M Knott  [in one directory]

James Brown Knott

©  Reproduced by courtesy of John Moffat, formerly of Eastbourne.

This photograph is taken from the book John Moffat 1819-94 written by John Moffat's great grandson, also named John Moffat.

James Brown Knott was born in Edinburgh in 1822.  He married in Brooklyn USA in 1854.

He was the brother of Sophia Maria Knott who, in 1851, became the second wife of John Moffat (1820-1894).    [Knott Family Tree: Marjory Mechie]

See Moffat / Knott/ Elwell Family Tree


6th PSS Exhibition, Dec 1861

In the 6th PSS Exhibition in 1861, he exhibited a photograph entitled:

       -  "On the Water of Leith".

9th PSS Exhibition, Dec 1864

In the 9th PSS Exhibition in 1864, he exhibited:

       -  25 collodion portraits

       -  3 large collodion portraits coloured in crayons.


James Brown Knott worked at the studio at 60c Princes Street from 1867 until 1873.  Trade directories refer to this address as either 60, 60b or 60c Princes Street.

I have a carte de visite (year not known) with address 60 Princes Street.

Carte de Visite

In 1873-74, James Brown Knott managed John Moffat’s West End Studio at 125 Princes Street.

Carte de Visite  -  Photographer: Knott

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Here is a carte de visite of two children was taken in James Brown  Knott's studio.