Cabinet Print by the Painter and Photographer

John Naismith Paton

 Christening of James Stuart Paton

SUBJECTS:  James Paton (the photographer's father)

holding his James Stuart Paton (the photographer's son)

The father of photographer John Naismith Paton and his grandson, James Stuart Paton  -  photographed by John Naismith Paton

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Christina B Paton,  daughter of the young
James Stuart Paton in the photo above,   Photograph taken c.1895.




John Humphrey

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you John Humphrey, Toronto, Ontario, Canada who has been piecing together information about Paton photographers in the West of Scotland, using the IGI (International Genealogical Index) on-line.

John writes:

James Paton

"There were apparently two quite different James Paton photographers in the West of Scotland.

Both James Patons had sons called John, who became photographers.

They also both had sons called James who, if they had followed their fathers' trade, may also have been the J. Paton or James Paton, photographers, at the different locations/dates you mention"

James Paton of Renfrew

James Paton was born 22 March 1829 at Port Glasgow, Renfrew, parents John Paton and Mary Taylor. (This fits with the 1881 Greenock census information).

He married Elizabeth Wilson in Paisley, Renfrew, 28 Aug 1854 (per the parish register). 

They had the following Children

-  John Paton  (b. Abbey, Paisley, 2 April 1855)

David Paton  (b. Abbey, Paisley, 22 Feb 1857)

James Paton  (b. Abbey, Paisley, 11 July 1857)

John Paton  (b. Abbey, Paisley, 28 Jan 1862)

Hugh Wilson Paton  (b. Inverkip, Renfrew, 18 July 1864)

Agnes Wilson Paton  (b. Inverkip, Renfrew,14 Oct 1866)

Mary Taylor Paton  (b. Greenock, Renfrew, 7 April 1869)


James Paton of ? Barony (later Argyll)

Married Christina Naismith 24 April 1850 Barony, Lanarkshire (per the parish register).

They had a son John Naismith Paton born 13 October 1860 in Kilmallie, Argyll (per the parish register).

John was not the oldest son, the other children recorded in parish registers are as follows

-  Christina Paton (b. Aharacle, Argyll, 5 Feb 1851)

-   Margaret  (b. Aharacle, Argyll, 20 Oct 1852)

-  James  (b. Kilmallie, Argyll, 12 Aug 1855)

-  William  (b. Kilmallie, Argyll 31 Jan 1857)

-  Robina  (b. Kilmallie, Argyll, 19 April 1859)

-  Marion  (b. Kilmallie, Argyll, 20 July 1862)



John Humphrey, Toronto, Ontario, Canada:  July 16, 2006




Judy King (née Paton)

Thank you to Judy King (née Paton), great-granddaughter of Hugh Paton, who wrote:

James Paton

"In the 1891 census James has moved down the road to 19 Deanside Lane, Glasgow, and was a hammerman.   In 1901 he was living at 45 Shuttle Street, Glasgow, with his wife and daughters Flora and Mary.   He was then a foundry labourer."

I wonder whether James Paton's connection with the McCualskys is that he married into the family.   I make this supposition, because in the 1901 Census James and Margaret's daughter Mary has "McL" as her middle name.   Knowing the Scottish tradition of preserving the mother's maiden name as their children's middle names, this could well stand for McCualsky.   It would explain so many pictures of (presumably) Margaret's relatives, albeit taken by James's brother Hugh.

Judy King (née Paton):  September 24, 2008


Hugh Paton

Other Photographers