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E Lennie


E Lennie

Cartes de Visite

E Lennie was a topographical photographer in Edinburgh.  He produced views, both as cartes de visite and stereoscopic slides, including subjects dressed in the costume of Newhaven fishwives

Carte de Visite  -  Newhaven Fishwife  -  Lennie

  Reproduced by courtesy of National Galleries of Scotland.
 See Copyright Notice

The subject of this carte de visite, not looking very happy, is dressed in Newhaven Fishwives' costume


E Lennie


E Lennie advertised on the cover to the catalogue for the first PSS Exhibition in 1856:


1/4-plate double Achromatic lens      20s

1/2-plate double Achromatic lens      50s

1/4-plate double Achromatic lens    100s

Cameras  -  stands - baths - printing frames  - chemicals -   "passe-partouts" - leather cases - stereoscopic cameras -     collodion 


Stereoscopes  -  1s  each 

With best glasses and adjusting eyes    4s  6d

The New Prism stereoscope   15s 

A choice of from 5,000 to 10,000 slides 

Views of the Principal Cities of  the World

  Groups from Life, Social, Military, Domestic and

 Amusing.  A very fine lot  6s per dozen.  



E Lennie

Equipment Exhibited

in EPS 1890 Exhibition

In the 1890 EPS Exhibition, E Lennie exhibited some interesting equipment:

-  a globular lens filled with water

-  some curved plates for taking negatives

-  a bent bath and printing frames

I don't know the relationship between E Lennie and the Lennie business at 46 Princes Street, but it seems likely that these exhibits may have come from the stock of photographic equipment held at the shop.


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