William Kyles

and his family

William Kyles  -  Photographer

William Kyles was a photographer in Portobello, working alone and in partnership with from 1863 until at least 1882.

Albert Kyles and Family

Thank you to Nancy Jean (Kyles) Moisan, great-granddaughter of William Kyles and granddaughter of Albert Kyles, for providing the details below:

Albert Kyles  -  Photographer and Artist

"William's son, Albert Kyles,  emigrated to Canada with his family at the age of five, around 1924.  Full details cannot be checked as the immigration records for 1924 were destroyed in a fire in Montreal.

Albert was an artist.  Quite a few of of us in the family have some of my Grandfather's [Albert's] paintings that he did over the years.  A lot were purchased by the T Eaton company an d also the 'Molson' family in Montreal."

[Nancy Jean (Kyles) Moisan]

William Doig Kyles

"William Doig Kyles was the eldest son of Albert Kyles and the father of Nancy who provided the family details above."

[Nancy Jean (Kyles) Moisan]

Ian Kyles  -   Artist

"Ian Kyles is the youngest son of Albert Kyles, born 11 July 1928 in Montreal after Albert moved to Canada from Scotland."

[James Anderson, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada:  September 23, 2006]

More Family Details?

Nancy Jean Kyles has provided further details of her family tree and has asked if it would be possible to exchange information on the Kyles family with others by email. 

 If you would like to follow up this request, please email me and I will pass on your message to Nancy.


William Kyles

1881 Census

William Kyles was a professional photographer in Edinburgh, either alone of in partnership with others from 1863 until 1882.  However, when the 1881 census was taken he appeared to have resided in the west of Scotland.  See below:

William Kyles:  Aged 46

Born:  Edinburgh

Resident:  3 Waggon Road, Newton on Ayr

Wife:  Elizabeth K


1.  Ann Jane:         aged 15    (born:  Edinburgh)

2.  Christina E:       aged 12    (born:  Edinburgh)

3.  Isabella A:        aged 9      (born:  Edinburgh)

4.  Elizabeth K:      aged 8      (born:  Edinburgh)

5.  Albert:               aged 5     (born:  Edinburgh)

6.  Adeline S:         aged 4     (born:  Edinburgh)

7.  William Oliver:  aged 2     (born:  Edinburgh)

8.  Eveline M:         aged 1     (born:  St. Quivox, Ayr, Scotland)

9.  [infant]:              aged 1 month    (born:  Newton, Ayr, Scotland))



William Kyles

Death Certificate

William Kyles' death certificate gives his parents' names.  His mother is named as being Isabella Matilda McDonald

[Nancy Jean Kyles]

William Kyles

Family History


Thank you to Nancy Jean Moisan (née Kyles), Kingston, Ontario, Canada, descendant of William Kyles for sending me an e-mail giving some details of the Kyles family history

Nancy wrote:

William Kyles

William Kyles of 'Kyles & Law' and  'Kyles & Moir' was my Great Grandfather.

We have traced the family back as far as Andrew, born 12 Jan 1784 in Wemyss, Fife, married Ann Dewar 19 Feb 1808.  Andrew died before 1855 around the age of 71.

My Dad's name is William Doig Kyles.  He was born 5 Sep 1919, son of Albert, born 27 Sep 1875.  The family came to Montreal, Quebec, Canada around 1924 (records destroyed in fire).

My Dad and Mom live in Kingston, Ontario, in good health at the age of 86 and 82.

Nancy Jean Moisan:  7 November 2005



I found it an interesting exercise to follow the progress of the various Portobello photographers and the partnerships that they formed.

These are the partnerships that I found.

If you have any futher  information about William Kyles or his family or partnerships, please e-mail me.  Thank you.  -  Peter Stubbs


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