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Norward Inglis

Norward Ingles was an Edinburgh-based photographer from the 1940s until around the 1970s.  He specialised in cine photography.

He had studios at:

22 Ainslie Place


18 Regent Terrace


44 Hanover Street


He was not related to the earlier Edinburgh photographers, named Inglis, whose studio was based at Rock House.

Cine Photography

Norward soon moved to cine photography, which occupied most of his career.  He soon gained a high reputation for his cine work.  He continued to photograph industry, and worked closely with the BBC for about ten years.

His filming of the last tram to run in Edinburgh is highly regarded by enthusiasts.


Norward Inglis - Professional Photographer from 1940s until 1970s.

  Copyright: Norward Inglis and

I met Norward recently (2001) and he told me about his career.  Then, aged about 80, he still retained a keen interest in photography.

Norward later moved to Montrose, Angus, Scotland.  He died there in October 2006.

Still Photography

Norward Inglis  began with still photography, concentrating on industrial work around Scotland, preferring this to portraiture and wedding commissions.

He worked, initially with 4in x 5in glass slides, from which he made some very large prints, the largest being 18ft. x 40 ins on Kodak paper.

He took many photos in the Usher Hall, of the performances in the early years of the Edinburgh Festival.  He also took some atmospheric photos of scenes around Edinburgh around the 1950s.

Views of Edinburgh

Norward also took some attractive views of Edinburgh during the late 1940s and 1950s.  These included some night-time scenes of floodlit Edinburgh, and some fine views from high vantage points, including the tower of the North British Hotel and the dome of St George's Church in Charlotte Square.

Please click on any of the images below to see more of Norward's photography:


   Photograph by Norward Inglis  -  Looking down the Royal Mile towards St Giles' Church     Photograph by Norward Inglis  -  Looking down Castle Hill from the Castle Esplanade     Photograph by Norward Inglis  -  John Knox House in the Royal Mile


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