John Alfred Horsburgh


Three Boys

The three boys in the photograph are:

-  Left:    Robert Neilson Pentland

-  Centre:  David Sim White Pentland

-  Right:  William Ogilvie Pentland

John A Horsburgh  -  Photograph of three boys  -  c.1910

   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Mrs Walker

The Photographer

The address on the mount of this photo is  4 West Maitland Street.  This was the address of John Alfred Horsburgh's studio from 1899 until 1910.

John A Horsburgh  -  Name and a  -  c.1910ddress stamp on a photograph of three boys

 Reproduced with acknowledgement to Mrs Walker

The Family Home

However, Jane Szepesi, daughter of the boy on the right in this photo, believes:

-  the  photo is unlikely to have been taken in Horsburgh's studio

- it may have been taken at the Pentland family home, Rosetta, Inverleith Gardens, in the northern suburbs of Edinburgh.

Thank you  to Jane Szepesi for giving the background information on the photograph above.

Jane Szepesi is the daughter of William Ogilvie Pentland, the boy on the right in this photo.



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