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John Horsburgh

Oil Painting:  Isabella Grieve Brown

This oval oil painting on cardboard by John Horsburgh,  Edinburgh, 1879, is  reproduced with acknowledgement to John Rodger, Edinburgh who tells  me that the painting is of Isabella Grieve Brown, (b.24 June 1859 d. 15 Dec 1934).  John's wife is the Great Grand Niece of Isabella.

Isabella Grieve BrownOil Painting by Horsburgh, Edinburgh, 1879, of Isabella Greive Brown

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Rodger, Edinburgh


This painting has been  signed and dated:  "Horsburgh, Edinr. 1879"

Horsburgh  -  Edinr. 1879

Signature on an oil painting by John Horsburgh  -  Edinburgh 1879

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Tom Lovelace, Texas, USA

John Horsburgh b.1835 is reported to have flourished from 1878 to 1899, so this appears to have been one of his earlier paintings.

What is known about this painting?  If you have any information, please e-mail me so that I can pass it on to the owner of the painting.

Thank you.                        -  Peter Stubbs


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