Peter Devine

Also K Devine?


Peter Devine was born in Leith in 1820 or 1821.  He was described in the trade directories as:

    -  from 1854:   miniature painter 

    -  1861-77:      miniature painter and photographer.


Peter Devine had a photographic studio at 101b Princes Street from 1861 until 1877.  John Lamb, photographer, had his studio at this address from 1878 until 1900, describing himself as

Lamb, late P Devine.

He also used 'Lamb, late Devine' on the backs of many of his cartes de visite, giving more prominence to the name Devine than to Lamb.

K Devine

One of the trade directories listed a photographer named K Devine at the same address for one year only in 1878.   Was this a mis-print?  Should it have referred to P Devine?


Peter Devine


Thank you to Alan Wilson, Trinity, Edinburgh who wrote:

"I was taking a stroll through Dalry Cemetery yesterday and discovered Peter Devine's headstone.  It shows he died on 1st February 1875.

Peter Devine's

  Peter Devine's Headstone in Dalry Cemetery


   Zoom-in to the Lettering on Peter Devine's Headstone in Dalry Cemetery

 I wonder whether the 'K Devine' that you mention in 1878 could be his wife?  According to the headstone her name is "Catherine" with a 'C' rather than a 'K', although I suppose its possible it was mis-spelt when the headstone was being inscribed."

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Peter Devine - Headstone

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