Carte de Visite of a family by

Alexander Crowe

Professional Photographer: Stirling in 1860s

Exhibitor: PSS Exhibition, Edinburgh, Dec 1861


Carte de visite from the studio of Alexander Crowe, Stirling in the 1860s

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Bill Murcutt


Alexander Crowe

Alexander Crowe was also an exhibitor in the Photographic Society of Scotland Exhibition in December 1861.

He was a photographer based at 33 Moray Place, Stirling.  He appeared in the trade directories at this address from 1860 until 1870.  His home address was 18 Friars Street, Stirling, 1865-66, then 4 Abercrombie Place, Stirling, 1868-69.  He died in 1912.

Alex Crowe

    Alexander Crowe, Stirling photographer and exhibitor in the PSS Exhibition in Edinburgh, December 1861

This carte de visite of Alexander Crowe comes from the studio of Crowe and Rodgers  They were based at 57 Moray Place, Stirling from 1878 until 1914 or later

Source of above addresses:  Photographers in Central Scotland to 1914 [D Richard Torrance].