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W Archibald

I have found cartes de visite by W Archibald, 225 Canongate, but no reference to him  in any of the trade directories, so do not know when he operated or whether or not he was part of the partnership below.

Archibald Partnerships

Archibald & Fowler were in business from 1892 until 1907 (except for the period 1897 to 1900 when the company became Archibald, Fowler & Ferrier Ltd.).   The partnership was described in the trade directories as:  Photo engravers, designers, litho-draughtsmen and electrotypers, except for the year 1893, when they were described as Photographers.

They produced work for calendars Christmas Cards and book illustrations.  They had attractively illustrated adverts in the trade directories of the 1890s.


W Archibald - Employees

Excursion to Linlithgow - 1897

Here is a photograph of an excursion to Linlithgow by employees of  W Archibald.  The photographer is not named.  The photograph is 8ins. x 6ins. and is mounted on card 12ins. x 10ins.

 Zoom-in to a photograph of W Archibald Employees  -  Excursion to Linlithgow, 1897

I don't know whether or not this is the same W Archibald as above, but I have included the photo on this site, nevertheless, as an interesting piece of late 19th century social history.

Linlithgow is in West Lothian, about 20 miles west of Edinburgh.


Archibald  -  studio addresses and dates