Authors and Photographers

Charles Sinclair Minto

? - 1996


CS Minto was Edinburgh City Librarian and Curator of the City of Edinburgh Museum.

He was the author of several books featuring photographs from the Edinburgh City Library (ECL) collection, including:

-  Vanishing and Edwardian Edinburgh from Old Photographs

-  Vanishing and Edwardian Scotland from Old Photographs

-  Edinburgh Past and Present
   A Pictorial Record of the Ancient City of Edinburgh

-  Edinburgh As It Was

-  Scotland Yesterday

-  Vanishing Edinburgh

C S Minto wrote prefaces to a number of other books including

-  Historic South Edinburgh - 4 vols (Charles J Smith)

He also wrote notes on:

-  the photography of Thomas Keith (1827-1895)

-  the photography of John Forbes White (1831-1904)

- the Edinburgh Calotype Club Album  (held by Edinburgh City Libraries)


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