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Edinphoto Web Site History


I set up the EdinPhoto web site in 2001 and have updated it most days over the past 16 years.  It now has over 27,000 pages and over 26,000 photos. 

The site has been my own personal, non-commercial project.  I do all the updating of the site, myself.

The site is still receiving lots of visitors.  There were over a million page views last month and there are visits from over 100 different countries, most days.


My Backlog of Work

EdinPhoto and emails

Recently, emails about the web site  have been arriving here faster than I've been able to reply to them.  This has  left me very little time for updating the EdinPhoto site.

I have lots of material that I'd consider adding to the site if I had the time,  including several thousand images:

-  my own photos of Edinburgh.

-  my old postcards and stereo views of Edinburgh.

-  my cartes de visite and cabinet prints by Edinburgh photographers.

-  photos and recollections of Edinburgh sent to me by others.

However, it can take me up to an hour to add a single image to the web site, so I'm not intending to work my way through the above.


Technology Changes

I'm still using Microsoft 'Front Page 2003' program to update the web site.
I find it easy to use, but the program is now very old and has not been supported by Microsoft for many years.

It still works (most of the time) with my current PC running Windows 7, but each time I change hardware or update the operating system, there is a risk that FrontPage may stop working.

I've investigated other ways of updating the web site, including:

-  'Expression Web' (which took over from Front Page) but that's also
now being phased out by Microsoft.

-  'Dreamweaver' which is powerful, but I would have to work hard to become proficient in using it.

It would not be realistic to consider starting again with the web site, and making a successful changeover to any new platform for the site would be likely to require a disproportionate amount of work.

CONCLUSION 1:  So, I've come to the conclusion that at some stage it will no longer be possible for me to continue to update the EdinPhoto web site.


Other Resources Available

When I created EdinPhoto, sixteen years ago, a web site seemed to be the obvious way to go, even though I had to build the site from scratch, rather than use one of the many 'off the shelf' templates that are readily available now.

However, in recent years, blogs and social media have become far more numerous and popular.  Blogs and social media allow users to input their own data and are generally easy to use and responsive.

-  Facebook now has a lot of information on Edinburgh, including the 'Lost Edinburgh' site (incidentally, soon to be followed by 'Lost Glasgow).  'Lost Edinburgh' has a very large collection of interesting old photos.

-  Historic Environment Scotland has Edinburgh photos and info on its 'Canmore' web site and its 'SCRAN' web site.

- City of Edinburgh Libraries have added their large collection of Edinburgh photos to their 'Capital Collections' web site.

CONCLUSION 2:  In view of all the alternative sources now readily available, and easy to use, I feel that it might be the time for me to make no further significant updates to the EdinPhoto web site.



Copy of EdinPhoto web site

The National Library of Scotland told me, several years ago, that they planned to take back-up copies of a number of web sites, so that the sites could still be made available to viewers even if the authors were no longer able to maintain the sites.  The sites chosen by NLS  included the EdinPhoto web site.

CONCLUSION 3:  I'd like to ensure that all the material currently on my web site continues to be available. - both my own research and collections of photos and the wide range of other people's recollections of photos -

So I plan to have further discussions with the National Library of Scotland to gain a better understanding of their arrangements for taking back-up copies of web sites and making these back-ups available to be viewed.



I bought an iPad in 2015.  Over the past couple of years, I've gradually made more use of the iPad and less use of my SLR cameras and my PC. 

I've been impressed by the quality of camera on the iPad, and the ease with which photos can be taken then uploaded to sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

The iPad can also take videos, including slow motion and time-lapse.  I've enjoyed taking the videos and I plan to show some of them to photographic societies and other groups.   I may also add some of them to 'You Tube' at some stage.

I look forward to taking more photos with my iPad, and not feeling under constant pressure to catch up on my emails and outstanding work for the EdinPhoto web site.



I  still have 620 emails that I've not yet replied to, but most of these are quite old and have come from people who may have since changed their email address and/or lost interest in the subject that they wrote about.

CONCLUSION 4:  I'll concentrate on replying to the 85 most recent emails.  These were all sent  sent between Jan 2017 and Jun 2017.  

I've added a message to the web site asking the senders of any of the earlier emails to contact me again if they would like me to reply to any of  their earlier emails.



Thank You

Thank you to all EdinPhoto visitors for your contributions, support and encouragement, and for your understanding when it has taken me a while to respond to some of your messages.

I hope you'll appreciate my reason for only being able to update the web site occasionally in the future.


My Conclusions

The EdinPhoto web site will remains available on the Internet.

I'll now only make very occasional updates to the web site.

I'll try to respond to all emails that I've received this year.

If you sent your email earlier, please chase me if you'd like a reply.

Thank you to all for your contributions and encouraging comments.


Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  12 June 2017




Other Sources of Information on Edinburgh

Web Sites


For several years, I've been keeping a list of sites that I have found to be of particular interest.  Please click here to find links to these sites:
      -  Other Web Sites

This page will lead to links to
     -  Capital Collections 
(Edinburgh Libraries' photographic collection)

     -  Canmore (Historic Environment Scotland's photographic collection)


Other Sources of Information on Edinburgh

Social Media


Facebook pages that you may wish to view at include:

      -  Lost Edinburgh

      -  Lost Glasgow


Twitter pages that you may wish to view at include:

      -  This is Edinburgh

      -  Edinphoto (my pages)

      -  Edinburgh Sketcher

      -  National Library of Scotland - Maps

      -  Edinburgh Hour      -  Edinphoto

      -  Edinburgh Sketcher

      -  Edinburgh Spotlight

     -  Edinburgh Spotlight

Instagram pages that you may wish to view at include:

     -  Edinburgh Sketcher

     Edinphoto  (my pages)

     -  Instagrammers Edinburgh

     -  This is Edinburgh

     -  Visit Scotland



Web Site Archived Pages

Wayback Machine

I mentioned (above) that the National LIbrary of Scotland's intends to take copies of a number of web sites to ensure that they are not lost.

I've now checked the activity of another company that has been taking copies of web sites;  Wayback Machine

Their web site home page invites viewers to explore more than 294 billion web pages saved over time.  Typing www.edinphoto.org.uk into the search field brings up a chart showing that between 18 April 2001 and 3 June 2017, Wayback Machine has trawled the EdinPhoto web site 426 times.

Clicking on highlighted calendar dates on this Wayback Machine chart will bring up a  copy of a page from the site.  Not all pages are saved during a trawl.  I've not investigated just which pages are saved and which are not.




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