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Jim Macfarlane

Edinburgh  -  now Gibraltar

1. Thank you  to Jim Macfarlane for allowing me to reproduce photos, including a photo of himself and his brother, taken in the entrance to 4 Fort Place, Leith.

2.  Thank you to Jim for also sending me these two photos of Fort Place

The junction of North Fort Street and Fort Place  -  1950s             Fort Place -  1950s

We have not been able to discover who took these photos, so please email me if you know who the photographer(s) might have been, so that I can contact them to discuss copyright.

Jim tells me that these photos above come from the Leith Photographic LIbrary web site.

The Leith Photographic LIbrary site has 45 sections of photos, but the site appears to have been abandoned.  Links on the site to many of its 45 sections are no longer active.

I recognise several of the contributors and photos on the  Leith Photographic LIbrary web site.  It looks to me as if the site might have been an initial follow up to John Stewart's Old Leither web site following John's death in January 2013.

John's Old Leither site has now been revived but in a different format, as  Facebook pages.

Peter Stubbs:  August 5, 2013



Jim Macfarlane

Edinburgh  -  now Gibraltar

Thank you to Jim Macfarlane who replied:

The Photographer

L Darcy

"The two photos above came from the Old Leither web  site run by John Stewart.  That site was discontinued in 2012 on John's death and instead a Facebook page was created 'The-Sprit-of-Leithers' which is run by his son and daughters.

From this Facebook page, I can see that the Fort Place photos were submitted by John Darcy and copyright is with L.Darcy"

Jim Macfarlane, Gibraltar:  August 5, 2013