Photograph by EPS Speaker

C Pollard Crowther


C Pollard Crowther gave a lecture to Edinburgh Photographic Society in 1924, entitled:  "Psychology in the Studio and The Making of Portraits"

Here is one of his photographs, with his name in the bottom border. 

The subject is Dr Karl Basil Edwards (1888-1958).  He was a Biochemist who worked for The Cooper Technical Bureau (London).  He spent a few years in Glasgow and may well have been living there when this photograph was taken.

Dr Karl Basil Edwards


Photograph  of Dr Karl Basil Edwards by C Pollard-Crowther who gave a lecture on portrait photography to Edinburgh Photographic Society in 1923

  Reproduced by courtesy of Dr Pamela Beaumont, grand daughter of the subject of this photograph,
 Dr Karl Basil Edwards

What else is known about C Pollard-Crowther?

Many of the lectures given to Edinburgh Photographic Society were reported in the British Journal of Photography, but unfortunately I have found no record of C Pollard-Crowther's lecture.

If you can tell me anything more about this photographer, I would be pleased if you could email me, so that I can pass the details on to Dr Pamela Beaumont who


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