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Healey Hislop


Exhibition Criticism and Lecture

A Healey Hislop gave a criticism of the Edinburgh Photographic Society Exhibition in December 1924 and gave a lecture to the society in November 1925, entitled:

Principles of Photography with a Pinhole Camera



Roger Bloomfield tells me that he has been looking at some etchings by A Healey Hislop of Paris and other places, including Gothic interiors, and would like to learn more about him.


Railway Posters

Peter Casey tells me that he has a railway poster produced for the London Midland & Scottish Railway Company, not sure of the year this was produced but the image is signed by Healey Hislop. Could this be one and the same person Roger Bloomfield refers to?

Railway Poster by Healey Hislop

The image is a street scene with Edinburgh Castle in the background and in the foreground a sign reads Royal Scottish Academy Exhibition.

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including a sketch

and a postcard

Thank you to Jens Hislop, whose father, Frank, was the brother of  A Healey Hislop, for giving me the background details below.


To his family, Andrew Healey Hislop (1887-1954) was known as Andrew, but as an artist, he was known as A Healey Hislop.  He taught art and married one of his students, Margaret Ross.

A Healey Hislop produced engravings, sketches, including a series of 'people-less views' in Paris. (He didn't paint figures!)   He also painted in watercolour and oil, and was elected President of the Society of Scottish Artists.

His wife, Margaret Hislop RSA, was also an oil painter.

Jens Hislop is keen to discover what paintings by A Healey Hislop and his wife have sold at auction and how much they  sold for.

World War I

A Healey Hislop was captured, as a civilian in Germany in 1914,  and spent the whole of the World War 1 in Ruhleben Civilian Internment Camp, a Prisoner of War Camp near Berlin.

Facilities at the camp included musical instruments - the camp had an Opera Company - and a printing press.  A Healey Hislop became Art Editor of the camp's magazine.

Christmas Greeting

This sketch of the camp by A Healey Hislop, was sent as a  Christmas Greeting  on behalf of and signed by those citizens of Edinburgh who had been interned in the camp. 

The Christmas Greeting was sent to Edinburgh City Chambers and was addressed to the Magistrates and Citizens of Edinburgh.  It was reproduced in Edinburgh Evening News in January 1916:

Christmas Greeting

     Christmas Greeting based on a sketch by A Healey Hislop, 1915

Where is it Now?

Jens Hislop recently contacted City of Edinburgh Council in an attempt to locate the original of this sketch.  Unfortunately, it has not yet been found.

Acknowledgement:  Jens Hislop, Haworth, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England:
email, 26 October 2011 + 'phone call, November 1, 2011

Christmas Postcard

Here is a 1916 Christmas Postcard featuring a painting by Andrew Healey Hislop:


Christmas Greeting

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