EPS Library


Acquiring their own premises in 1892 enabled Edinburgh Photographic Society to create a library.  The library soon built up a stock of books and photographic journals.

The February 1893 edition of Transactions of the Edinburgh Photographic Society included a list of donations to the library:


Mr Forgan

Experimental Photography


Mr Ayton

International Annual - 1889

International Annual - 1890

International Annual - 1891

Landscape Photography - H P Robinson

Silver Printing - Abney and Robinson

Instruction in Photography - Captain Abney

Camera Club Journal - No. 55

Camera Club Journal - No. 58


Mr Turnbull

Manual of Photography - Bothamley


Mr Wardle

British Journal of Photography - 1889

British Journal of Photography - 1890

BJP Year Book - 1887

BJP Year Book - 1887

BJP Almanac - 1882

Gelatin Emulsion Process - Abney

EPS Transactions (odd numbers)


Mr Auld

Photography (weekly, as published)



American Annual of Photography - 1890

Anthony's International Annual - Vol 2

Anthony's International Annual - Vol 4

Photography Annual - 1891

from the editors or publishers of the following journals:

In the early days, EPS Membership was given to several photographic journal editors.

British Journal of Photography (weekly)

Anthony's Photographic Bulletin (bi-monthly)

The Beacon (monthly)

Optical Lantern Journal (monthly)

Photographic Work (weekly)

Hand Cameras and Lantern Journal (fortnightly)

Practical Photography (monthly)

 Further donations to the library and acquisitions by the library were reported in subsequent editions of Transactions of the Edinburgh Photographic Society.


EPS Library


The EPS Library continued to subscribe to many photographic magazines, which were all duly bound into annual volumes.

'Transactions of Edinburgh Photographic Society' reported in its June 1899 edition:

Library and Reading Room

"The Society possesses a valuable and well-bound library of photographic works, besides the current literature upon the Reading-Room tables, which is at the disposal of House Members for consulting on the premises at any time between 10am and 10pm.

The following periodicals are on the table in the Reading-Room for the use of House Members, viz. :

-  Amateur Photographer

-  British Journal of Photography

-  Bulletin de la Société Loraine de Photographie

-  Bulletin du Photo-Club de Belgique,

-  Junior Photographer

-  Optical Magic Lantern Journal

-  Photo Beacon (American)

-  Photographer

-  Photogram

-  Photography

-  Photographic News

-  Photographic Journal

-  Photographic Scraps

-  Popular Photo Series
   12 vols., and others as published

-  Practical Photographer

-  Wilson's Photo Magazine (American)


-  Anthony's Bulletin (American)

-  Penrose's (American)

-  British Journal Almanac

-  Photographic Times (American)

-  Photography

-  Process Year-Book

-  Year-Book of Photography

Albums presented to the Society by Dr Emerson:

-  Life and Landscape on the Norfolk Broads

-  Pictures of East Anglian Life."

'Transactions of Edinburgh Photographic Society', June 1899, p.116