Exhibition Lecture titles: 1890-1913              Exhibition Lecture titles:  1914-1937

EPS Exhibition  Entertainment


Exhibitions provided a good opportunity for EPS to attract a wider audience.  Exhibition entertainment was provided, often including musical entertainment, particularly from 1890 members of the public to make contact with EPS.  For many years, from 1890

Exhibition Lectures

From 1890, for almost 50 years, EPS staged lectures for the benefit of exhibition visitors.

In 1890, the year of a major EPS photographic exhibition, lecture topics covered a range of photographic subjects.  

-  A more usual theme was illustrated travel lectures 

-  In the later years, there were a few natural history lectures.  

See the lists of lecture titles  for further details. 

Other forms of Exhibition Entertainment

From 1890 onwards, other entertainment included:

-    Exhibition Opening and Smoking Concert

-    Musical Arrangements

-    Lantern Entertainment

-    Conversazione including Presentation of Awards

-    Concert including Presentation of Awards

In 1901, the Smoking Concert and Musical Evening were cancelled, due to the death of Queen Victoria.

From 1905 the Exhibition entertainment also regularly included:

-   Distribution of Medals

-   Exhibitions of Lantern Slides

From 1916 to 1928, Whist Drives for Members and friends were held on the evening before the Official Opening of the Exhibition.