Canongate Tolbooth

Thomas Vernon Begbie  -  late 1850s

Looking up the Royal Mile  -  Canongate Tolbooth on the right

Canongate Tolbooth - Photograph by Thomas Vernon Begbie - late 1850s

  The Cavaye Collection of Thomas Begbie Prints: City Art Centre, City of Edinburgh Museums and Galleries 


Canongate Tolbooth

The street in this scent appears deserted - possibly because of the long exposure used to take the photo.  Movement can be seen in the washing hanging from the building on the left, now part of the Museum of Edinburgh.

The Canongate Tolbooth is on the right hand side of this photo with its distinctive clock appears very similar today.  

Canongate Tolbooth has, for many years, been used by  Edinburgh Photographic Society as a logo on its syllabusesexhibition acceptance labels, notepaper and other items.


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