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Granton Road

Near the Junction with Boswall Road



Tram in Granton Road travelling towards Edinburgh

Granton Harbour in the background

Granton Road  -  Tram

  Reproduced by courtesy Lothian Buses plc


No 17 bus at the same point in Granton Road

 About 50 years after the tram photo above was taken.  The trees have grown

 No 17 Bus in Granton Road in 2003 following one of the old tram routes

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs -  please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk     Photograph taken early afternoon 16 May 2003


Granton Road

Photos 1 and 2

Overlooking Granton Harbour

Here is a tram travelling up Granton Road, from Granton Square, turning the corner close to Wardie Steps and the junction with Boswall Road.  The tram is travelling towards Goldenacre, Canonmills and the Centre of Edinburgh.

Granton Square

   Trams at Granton Square  -  zoom-in

This scene, with Granton Harbour in the background, was probably  taken in the early 1950s.  The scene here looks quite rural, but it is only about 3 miles away from the centre of Edinburgh.

The tram has three small flags attached to its pole.  These flags were added for the Edinburgh Festivals held for 3 weeks in August/ September and during Royal Visits.

More Photos

Please click on the image below to see a photograph of trams near Granton Road Station:

Tram and Tram Stop in Granton Road, Edinburgh  -  Photograph taken from above the railway at Granton Road Station.

more photographs of Granton Road Station.

Zoom-in to a photograph of Granton Road Station  -  1934


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