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Juniper Green Station

Juniper Green  Station and Church

Junniper Green Station  -  When was this photo taken?

  For permission to reproduce, please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk                Photographer  from a postcard by Lens of Sutton

Juniper Green  Station

Edinburgh's Railways  -  Edinburgh to Balerno

The Caledonian Railway line from Edinburgh Princes Street Station to Balerno opened in 1874.  The line followed the water of Leith.  There were stations at Colinton and Juniper Green.

Here is a photo of Juniper Green station in what appears to be a rural setting, with St Margaret's Parish Church in the background.

If you can estimate the approximate date of this photograph, please email me

This photograph is a reproduction of a postcard by Lens of Sutton.  It appeared in Donald Shaw's book 'The Balerno Branch and the Caley in Edinburgh' (Oakwood Press and D Shaw, 1989)  ISBN 0 85361 366 4

The book describes this photo is described as "an attractive view of Juniper Green station in Caley days".  i.e. pre-1923.


Photograph taken when?

Thank you to George Murray who wrote:

Juniper Green  Station and Church

"The church in the background on this photo is St Margaret's at Juniper Green.   The church was completed in 1896 as a Church of Scotland Parish Church, half way between Hailes (Colinton) Parish Church and Currie Parish Church.

Juniper Green Church and Balerno Church were "Free Church of Scotland" churches until re-unification in 1929, hence the perceived need for another church in Juniper Green in 1896.

St Margaret's Church merged with Juniper Green Parish Church in the 1970's and was demolished for retirement accommodation, however retaining the original red sandstone church hall as part of the development.

Edwardian Era

I would guess the date of this photo to be the Edwardian era.   This is pure 'hunch' as the photo looks like a print for a commercial post card, which would probably exclude WW1 and its immediate aftermath.  It seems to be a pre-grouping photo and therefore pre-1923.

Local stations were frequently featured on post cards to send to friends in the pre-WW1 era.  This has provided enthusiasts with a record that might otherwise have been lost. "

George Murray, Currie, Edinburgh:  October 24 + 27,  2008




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