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Davidson's Mains Station

Davidson's Mains Station

A Caledonian Railway train at Davidson's Mains Station

  Reproduced by courtesy of DLG Hunter


Davidson's Mains Station

Here is a Caledonian Railway train at Davidson's Mains station.  Davidson's Mains is now in the western suburbs of Edinburgh.

The station would have also supported the Barnton district.  The caption on the photograph describes the train as  "The Barnton Express" though the journey from Princes Street station in the centre of Edinburgh was only about 4 miles.

Princes Street station closed in 1965.  It was situated beneath the Caledonian Hotel at the West End of Princes Street, and served as the terminus for the West Coast main line to the south from Edinburgh through Carlisle.



Thank you to Arthur Davies for sending this message to me:

"As a teenager in the latter half of the 30's I well recall standing, on more than one occasion, on that very platform.

Living at that time in Cheshire, son of a Scottish mother with extensive family in Edinburgh and the Lothians, we were regular annual visitors to the city.

Memory may be playing tricks but I believe that the fare from Princes Street station to Davidson's Mains was one (old) penny single and one and a half pence return.

Some of the rolling stock was quite old, even then, possibly dating from the early 1900's

Arthur Davies,  March 29 2006



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