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Marion Cagney


Marion Cagney, Australia wrote:


"Can anybody help?  I'm searching for anything about the Yardheads Brewery in Comb's Close as I'm researching the Comb/Combe family, in particular Matthew Comb brewer, Leith."

Marion Cagney, Australia, August 14, 2008


Stewart Harris' book, 'The Place Names of Edinburgh', mentions a map that shows Comb's Close.  It says:

"Comb's Close (South Leith) is shown on 'Kirkwood (1817)' and was perhaps named for Matthew Combe, brewer in the Kirkgate in 1817."

If you know anything more that might be of interest to Marion, please email me, then I'll pass on the details to Marion.

Thank you.  -  Peter Stubbs:  August 15, 2008


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