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Alan Grieve

Minehead, Somerset, England

Thank you to Alan Grieve who wrote:

Wallnut Whips

"Recent mention of the Duncan's Wallnut Whips on the EdinPhoto web site reminds me of the days before Health and Safety stopped factory visits

School Visits by Hired Private Tram

"In the late-1940s, my Musselburgh Grammar School primary school class had two afternoon visits.

One was to Duncan's Chocolate factory

-  The other was to Edinburgh & Dumfriesshire Dairy, a large factory.

Both visits were by a hired private tram.  This was quite exciting as all our trams from Musselburgh only went to the Post Office via Regent Road (Rout 21) but for these visits we went straight ahead at Abbeyhill onto London Road, but where we went after that I cannot remember as I have forgotten where the two factories were."


"Another favourite for visits was to see the newspapers being printed, and I particularly remember a visit to The Scotsman production one evening when I was on a National Commercial Bank of Scotland residential course in November 1964, staying the Ramsay Lodge in Ramsay Garden which the Bank then owned.

These were still the days of 'hot metal' and it was fascinating to watch the paper being set up and watching the massive presses start to roll while a fleet of vans waited outside to rush the bundles of papers off, many to Waverley Station for the overnight trains North, West and South."


"On that same course we went to a biscuit factory where we were particularly fascinated by the Jaffa Cake production which involved the cakes being turned over a number of times at high speed.

After all this time I cannot remember which factory this would have been.  Hopefully, someone can help!"

Alan Grieve, Minehead, Somerset, England:  November 20, 2013


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