Tollcross Primary School




Margaret Ballentyne
(née McGillivray)

Thank you to Margaret McGillivray who wrote:

Teachers and Pupils

"I stayed at 9 Brandfield Street until I was nine, then we moved to  Easter Drylaw Avenue.  I went to Tollcross school in 1949.

-   My teachers were .

Miss McLeod and (I think) Miss Lee

-  I remember:

-  Anne Barlow

-  Margaret Wilson

-  Sheena Grant

-  The Strickland Twins

-  Margaret Begbie

-  Margo Anderson

-  Peter Taylor

-  Ian Downie

-  Georgina Wine

-  Alex Stout (I think)

Margaret Ballentyne, (née McGillivray):  June 1, 2011




Catherine Jamieson

San Diego, California, USA

Thank you to Catherine Jamieson, San Diego, California, USA, who wrote

School until 1957

"I lived in 6 Spittal Street, next to Edinburgh Castle, and went to Tollcross Primary School then Darroch Secondary School (Headmaster, Mr Wilson) until 1957.

Friends and Teachers

My friends at Tollcross Primary were Ann Gardner and Janet McLaren.

The Headmaster was Mr Manson, then Mr Irvine.

Mr Hoddinot was a teacher at Tollcross  -  scary!

Miss Coates and Miss Cuthbert were teachers there

Remember Me?

I return to Edinburgh every two years.  I'm sad to see the changes, but glad to see that some things are still the same.

I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers those times, or was in my classes."

Catherine Jamieson, San Diego, California, USA:  June 14, 2012

Reply to Catherine?

If you'd like to send a reply to Catherine, please email me to let me know, then I'll pass on her email address to you so that you can contact her.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  June 14, 2012




Catherine Jamieson

San Diego, California, USA

Thank you to Catherine Jamieson, San Diego, California, USA, for writing again, this time posting her message in the EdinPhoto guestbook.

Catherine wrote:

Tollcross School


Darroch School

"I attended Tollcross Primary School up to the mid-1950s, then Darroch Secondary School until 1958.  Does anyone remember me?


"I lived near the Usher Hall on Spittal Street. I remember:

The West End Cafe

The Shakespeare, next to the Lyceum Theater.  It's still there.

-   The Manhatten.

The Cameo Theater.

-  Theand King's Theater, near Tollcross.

The Meadows.

The pld Royal Infirmary where I was a patient with Scarlet Fever.

Simpsons Maternity Hospital where my son was born.

-  The museum on Chamber Street.  All the teenagers would hang out there on Sunday.

The dancing in Princess Street Gardens.

The Grassmarket, when it was a scary place.

The Art College.

I have so many memories.  I'm going back home to Edinburgh on April 30,  My family is still living there.

Catherine Jamieson, San Diego, California, USA:  June 14, 2012




Irene Buttershaw (née Loch)

Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Thank you to Irene Buttershaw who wrote:

Tollcross School

"I found it very interesting to read about Tollcross School I went to that schoolI guess I started when I was 5 years old.  That would have been 1948.

I lived in Upper Grove Place, Edinburgh.  I don't remember too much about going to Tollcross School.  All that I remember is that I had a friend, Jennifer"

Emigration to Australia

"I would have gone on to Darroch High School if I had stayed in Scotland., but I left Scotland and emigrated with my parents to NSW Australia.

Watching Edinburgh Tattoo on TV tonight made me think of Scotland and Edinburgh Castle again

I  spent lots of time at the castle and Princess Street, but my only memories of education are of my education in Australia.  My parents no longer alive, so  I have no one to refresh my memories."

Irene Buttershaw (née Loch), Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia:  January 2, 2015