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Mark Connell

Thank you to Mark Connell who wrote:

Dirty Dick's Pond

"My father ran Dirty Dick's Pond as a private trout fishery circa 1961.  It was then known as the Lang Loch.

There is evidence of an incident there during this time when my father had to warn off two rabbit poachers who had encroached on his land, and was later charged with ABH for this action.

He also met my mother there after she became entangled with some barb wire whilst picnicking with a friend, and my dad was able to free her."

The Name of the Pond

The origins of the pond's name are interesting. My father's Christian name was Richard, abbreviated down to Dick, and he himself had something a reputation with the ladies during this time.  The rest is history."

Trout and Pike

Sadly my dad was never able to make a  go of the pond as he remained in conflict with some of the locals who are reported to have put pike in the water which predated on the trout.

However, latterly, the pond became something of a hot spot for pike anglers before being turned over to the nature reserve that it now is."


"I find this to be a fascinating part of my history, and have letters and photos to back the facts up.  It tickles me to see that on some level my father's legacy remains with the pond.

He went on to run a major trout fishery in the south-east of England and was well reported in fishing literature through his own articles and efforts, before retiring to Dumfries in 2008 where he passed away."

Mark Connell:  6 March 2017


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