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Christine Boyle
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Thank you to Christine Boyle for posting a message in the EdinPhoto web site.

Christine wrote:

Primary School

"I saw a message from Janey Hynds, posted in the EdinPhoto Guestbook on 21 March 2010, asking if anybody remembered her."

Our Homes

"Janey was in my class at St Ninian's Primary School.  She lived in Piershill Square East or West.  I cannot remember which.

Piershill Square West  -  Formerly the site of part of Piershill Barracks  -  Photograph 2004

I lived in the narrow street, Restalrig Road, at the Willowbrae end."

Christine Boyle, Melbourne, Australia:
Message posted in EdinPhoto Guestbook, June 22, 2012

Message for Christine Boyle

Annie Smiles would like to contact you.  Please email me. 

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh



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