Streets immediately to the south of
the eastern end of 'The Meadows'.




Norman Squair

Melbourne, Australia

Norman Squair wrote:

Braid Place

"My father was born in 1902 in Edinburgh.  He, and many siblings before him, lived in a tenement building at No. 2 Braid Place.  I don't think it is known as Braid Place any more.**

Fire Station

"My father used to tell me stories of the fire station opposite; the bell would ring, the double doors of the fire station would burst open and a pair of horses would rush out trailing an 'engine' with firemen.

He, with other laddies playing on the street, would run after it to find out where the fire was.

Photos and History

I found a photo of the fire station on the web, and have also found photos of Nos. 5 and 10 (police station), but cannot find a photo of  No. 2, or other information about the occupants at that number.  I would dearly like to know more about the street.

Norman Squair, Melbourne, Australia:  February 8, 2012

**  That's right.  Braid Place was re-named Sciennes House Place in 1968.


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Peter Stubbs


History of Braid Place

Norman:  You mentioned that you would like to know more about Baird Place.

It is a short street of about ten tenements, linking Causewayside Sciennes.  Some of the residents of the street are listed in the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory, which was published annually from the early-1800s up to 1973.

These directories, up to 1912, are now available on line, and can be downloaded for non-commercial use from the National Library of Scotland web site

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 13, 2012



Bryan Gourlay

Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Thank you to Bryan Gourlay for reminding me that there is already a photo of the fire station at Braid Place that Norman Squair mentions above on the EdinPhoto web site.  The photo was taken in 1966.  Here is a link to it:

Brian wrote;

Braid Place Fire Station

"You have a photo of the fire station in Braid Place, showing it in a sorry state in 1966.

Photograph by Ian Scott  -  Former Fire Station in Braid Place, 1966

Here is a photo of the same building that I took in a few years ago, showing how it had been very nicely restored as an office."

Former Fire Station in Braid Place - after being converted into an office

Bryan Gourlay, Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland:  February 13, 2012


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