Recollections of

Salisbury Street





Christine Anderson

Duddingston, Edinburgh

Thank you to Christine Anderson for sending me some recollections and photos of the time when her family lived in Salisbury Street, Dumbiedykes.

Christine wrote:

My Grndparents

"My grandparents, Maggie Keith (1888-1970) and David Keith (1884 -1937) and their family lived in various abodes around the Dumbiedykes.

Granny Keith was a 'women of substance', an astute business woman with a variety of shops.

"Here are some photos of Margaret and David and their family.

 Photo 1


Photo 1 was taken around 1916.  The children are (left to right):

-  David
-  John
-  James.

 Photo 2

    The Keith Family in the Dumbiedykes area

 Photo 3

    The Keith Family in the Dumbiedykes area

Photo 3 was taken at the top of Salisbury Street in 1942.  McLellans the Dairy was round the corner.
In this photo are
(left to right):

-  Betty Keith
-  James Keith
-  Maggie Keith

Shops and Hospital

"I have early memories of a Greengrocer / Painter and House Decorator business.  Then, in 1939-45, the country was at war.

We stayed in 13 Salisbury Street.  Granny stayed in No. 2 .  Her  shop was No. 1 as shown in Neg D9248 called the' Greengrocer

Round the corner, in the Pleasance, was a 'second-hand' shop - an exchange for money.  Also round the corner was the Deaconess Hospital.  As bairns, we were regulars there.

Christine Anderson, Duddingston, Edinburgh:  emails, April 11, 2012



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