Road Works

and Steam Rollers

Thank you to George T Smith for sending me his recollections of Edinburgh Road works.

George wrote:

Steam Rollers

  Steam Rolle rin Edinburgh, 1960s

"References to steam rollers reminded me of the 'road trains'  which were drawn by the rollers when a new road repair was  undertaken.

The roller would pull a work cabin on wheels, and a tar  boiler to the site.  

The "watchie" would set up camp, coke brazier,  warning lamps etc and the road gang would turn up from somewhere,  make tea in syrup cans (swung round by their wire handles to settle  the leaves - no tea bags then) and begin work such as lifting tram  tracks or repairing them.  See the Slateford Road picture below."

Roadworks  -  Laying or removing tramway  -  Where?  When? 

George Smith, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada:  February 5, 2007


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