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Gerry Rogers


Gerry Rogers has been trying to discover more about a possible member of his family.  Can anybody help him?

Gerry wrote:

Willie Rae

"I'm trying to discover more about a railway worker called William Rae or Willie Rae.  I believe that he probably worked at the Goods Station at Brunswick Road.  He was involved in switching the tracks for the goods trains.

Is there anyone left who might remember him.  He was a mature man with blonde or fair hair, very tall, built like a heavyweight boxer.

My partner and I have been told that he died back in the 1970s, and we'd like to pay respects to his grave in Edinburgh, if we can find it.

He had two daughters, so one may still be living somewhere in or around Edinburgh.

Gerry Rogers, Edinburgh:  April 28 + May 3, 2013

Reply to Gerry

If you think you might be able to help Gerry in his search, please email me to let me know, then I'll give you his email address, so that you will be able to send a message direct to him.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  May 4, 2013




Alan J Burck

Poynton, Cheshire, England

Alan J Burck has already written, mentioning the railway goods yard at Brunswick Road.  I added his comments to the Brunswick Road recollections.

Here are his comments about the railway yard:

Railway Yard

"I was born in August 1940 and lived at No.45 Brunswick Road until 1962.  My Dad was an engine driver and I was the envy of the other kids as I got to ride on the footplate in the marshalling yards behind Brunswick Road."

Allan J Burck:  Poynton, Cheshire, England:  August 9, 2012


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