Parliament Street

formerly St Andrew's Street





Henry (Hank) Kaczynski

Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Thank you to Hank who wrote about the Men's Hostel where he once worked in Parliament Street, Leith.

Hank wrote:

Men's Hostel

"I worked in the hostel in the Men's Hostel in Parliament Street, Leith, as a care warden for a short time in 1981. The hostel was just across the road (to the left) from these new buildings have been built, on the corner of Parliament Street and Sheriff Brae:

The corner of Parliament Street (formerly St Andrew Street) and Sheriff Brae

I  used to look out at what was happening on the street from the first floor office windows."


"The hostel Supervisor was a retired Army Major.  This was one reason why  I was hired even though I was a Yank. He was a wonderful man and a true gentleman."

Night Shift

"I dreaded the night shift as we had to call the fire department whenever the fire alarm went off.  Smoking was banned in the hostel bedrooms, but, this didn't stop some intoxicated residents from lighting up, which set off the smoke alarm.

Old Buildings

"In 1981, there were some old-time apartment buildings on Sheriff Brae, across from the modern building. I noticed they were gone when I visited the area in 2004.  It surprised me as I thought they weren't that old compared to other building surrounding them."

Henry (Hank) Kaczynski, Annapolis, Maryland, USA:  December 29, 2011



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