Old Pentland School




Joe McHale

New Zealand

Joe McHale  wrote:

Any Old Photos?

"Hi Peter!

Would any of your readers happen to have a photo of the old Pentland School?  It was on the old Pentland Road which ran from Swinton's Garage away up to Hillend.

I heard it got burnt down years ago.  I used to be a pupil there, but I'm in New Zealand now.  I've had no joy in finding such a photo on the 'puter at all.".

Joe McHale, New Zealand:  February 15, 2014



If you know of any photos that might be of interest to Joe, or if you have any memories of the school that I might add to this page, please email me. 

      Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 16, 2014



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