Recollections  -  North Edinburgh

Comely Bank

About a mile NW of the West End of Princes Street




Liz Gatley


Liz Gatley lived in Edinburgh until moving to England in 1981.

Her gran lived at Comely Bank from 1937 until she died in 1986

Liz wrote:

Baker's Shop

"I remember the of the baker's shop that my gran worked in,  Bruce's, on Comely Bank Row.  It was owned, I think, by Jack and his wife.

The men worked at night to stock the shop.  They opened early so you could get fresh rolls for your breakfast, well fired or floury!

I especially remember their marzipan dainties.  The smell inside was amazing."

Liz Gatley, England:  December 4, 2006




Margaret Fairbairn

The Wirral, Merseyside, England

Thank you to Margaret Fairbairn who wrote:

Scottish Country Dancing

"Mrs Clingan from the newsagents also taught Scottish Country Dancing in the evening, once a week, to primary school children whose Mums were members of the Store.

We would go to Flora Stevenson's School every Tuesday evening.  In the spring of, every year, we would enter the Scottish Country Dance Festival.

Mrs Clingan taught us so well we won the cup several years on the trot.  

I had a Saturday job at Preachers.

Our doctor was Dr Rankin"

Margaret Fairbairn, The Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshie:  November 29, 2012


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