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Alan Grieve

Minehead, Somerset, England

Thank you to Alan Grieve who wrote:

National Bank of Scotland

"I started work in the National Bank of Scotland, South Side Branch on 21st January 1957. This was opposite Nicholson Square on the corner of Hill StreetSkerrys College was above.

The Boiler

"As an example of how things have changed, we had a staff of 12 of which two were women.  There was one telephone with an extension to the Manager’s office and heating was by a coke boiler in the basement which it was my job to look after.

If you got engrossed in your work and forgot to check it you would find it had either gone out or, worse still, someone would come in from the college to report that there was hot water flooding down their stairs and you would find the boiler absolutely blazing away, red hot and the water boiling."

Travel to Work

"I used to travel to work by train."

Transfer to London

"Things were done so differently then. The bank was by now the National Commercial Bank of Scotland and I was working at Bonnyrigg at the time when my Manager mentioned one morning he had received a memo about me and I’d better sit down.

It turned out the memo was telling him I had been transferred to London and to tell me this. When I looked at the date, the transfer was in exactly two weeks, to the day, so it was as well I was sitting down.

With no phone at home, I couldn’t tell my parents until I got home that night and, me being an only one, they were quite shocked.

The next two week was a hectic round of sorting out various things and saying goodbyes and before I knew it I was on the train to London.

But that was the way the Banks did things then.  No questions asked whether you would like to go, and as we’d signed up to serve in any branch of the Bank when we first joined there was really no question of trying to wriggle out of it.  That would have done your career no good at all."

Alan Grieve, Minehead, Somerset, England:  January 12, 2008

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