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Hani Latif


Hani Latif wrote:

Napier College

"I was a student at Napier College (now Napier University) way back in 1982, the year in which I graduated with a HND Diploma in Photography.

One of my teachers was Marion Boron.  He was one of the best teachers, tutors and portrait photographers I had ever known. He taught me how to retouch black and white prints with dyes and brushes.

I was sincerely grieved at the news of his passing away in 2009 (I have been living in Spain since  the summer of 1982.)

Request for Photo of Marion

The reason for my writing to you is to ask you if you have any photographs of Mr Boron, as I value his memory and would like to have him 'present' in my album.

I would be very grateful if you helped me in that respect or if you would advice me on how to proceed to get such a photograph.

Hani Latif, Spain, Spain:  March 11, 2011

Reply to Hani?

Unfortunately, I don't know of any photos of Marion.  If you know where any might be found, please contact me, then I'll pass on your message to Marion. 

                  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs:  March 13, 2011