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Carol Lamond


Thank you to Carol Lamond who wrote:

Fruit Shop

"My Uncle Hector and his wife, Peggy,  owned a fruit shop / deli at Holy Corner for many years.

I have fond childhood memories of my Mum being given balsa wood baskets containing 'chipped' white peaches and occasionally pomegranates.  My sister Jackie, my brother James and I could choose one piece each and enjoy."

These fruits seemed so exotic at a time when we were living at Magdalene and my mother was only able to purchase a couple of apples, a couple of oranges and a banana on a Saturday.

Grocer's Shop

"My Grandpa James (Jimmy Hastie) had a grocers shop along with my Grannie Agnes (Craig) at Brunstane Bank in Joppa - I think in the 1970's.  The shop was sold to Mr. Bryce who used to drive a mobile bakers' shop around our scheme in Magdalene."

On the Streets

"At Magdalene, I remember:

-  the rag and bone man. Regardless of how many clothes you gave him, you still got the same 'gift'

the chip van with its vats of boiling fat

the fish van

the fruit van (which definitely allowed my mum the chance to buy more fruit for us because it was cheaper)

Mr Rendall's mobile grocer shop.

Also Barrs juice lorry

and, my favourite

the old man who used to come round with a box of toffee apples for sale for 6d, He would shout:


He would carefully place the box on the ground and then snort loudly and then 'gob' right next to the shiny red caramel-coated delicacies.

This did not bother us children, but my mum was mortified."

Carol Lamond, Argyll, Scotland:  October 8, 2009




John Clark

Magdalene, Edinburgh

Thank you to John Clark who wrote:

Magdalene Gardens

"My family lived at 3/5 Magdalene Gardens.


"I have  great memories of:

jumping the burn

Daisy chip shop

-  the bakers that I still visit, 40 years later.

-  the Walker family at No.7

-  St Martin's Church, where the Boys' Brigade met.  Sadly, it has been knocked down.


"They were simple times.   We played fitbaw all day.  The thing i remember is that most poeple were happy having moved into a new house from inner-city tenements.

We all got on well,  and I'm glad that I was brought up in Magdalene"

John Clark, Magdalene:  July 31, 2013



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