Lothian Crisp Factory

Thank you to Dorothy Addison (née Jenkins), now living in Tsawwassen, Canada for sending me her recollections below.

Dorothy wrote:

3d a Bag

"When I was young which was a long time ago, the only potato chips (- they used to be called crisps) that one could buy were plain.  They cost thrupence a bag.

At the bottom of each bag was a little pouch of dark blue  paper filled with salt, which we sprinkled on our crisps."


"Two companies produced crisps - Smiths and Lothian.

One day my girl friend Ann Henderson, whose family owned Lothian Crisp Factory, asked me to chum her to her granny's house, behind the Poppy Factory at Abbeyhill, not far from Holyrood Palace."

Pouches of Salt

"When we arrived, Ann's granny let us in, then immediately returned to her chair by the fire and continued with her work.

In her lap she had a bowl of salt and with utmost precision she would pick up these tiny pieces of dark blue paper, and with a tiny spoon scoop some salt into each one then screw it up, and place into a bag which already contained hundreds of these little packets, ready for pick up.

She was the only person who did this for the company.  We left there with the finished goods.

 I was amazed to think that each time I had enjoyed these crisps that a dear old lady had put the little pouch of salt together by hand.

How simply things were done in years gone by!"

Dorothy Addison (née Jenkins),
Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada:  June 15, 2007



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